By Laws




The name of this association shall be the Winslow Township Youth Soccer Association.


The purpose of this association shall be exclusively to promote, foster, and perpetuate the game of soccer on a local and national youth level and to support and develop these amateur athletes for competition in accordance with high standards of good sportsman_ship and fair play.


The association headquarters shall be within the playing area of the Winslow Township Youth Soccer Association and shall be determined by such person or persons in whom authority may be vested.


Section 1.     Executive Committee.  The association shall be governed by an executive committee which shall make all of the rules, interpret the constitution and by-laws, conduct association business, and decide on matters not covered by the constitution and by-laws.

Section 2.     Executive Committee Rights.  Members of the Executive Committee shall have a vote on all matters, but they shall not have a second vote if they already have a vote as a team representative.

Section 3.     Team Representatives.

A.  The coach or a designated alternate shall hold the voting rights for each team. Coaches and alternates must be named by the October meeting.

B.   Each team has an obligation to be represented at all meetings. Recreation teams failing to be represented at four meetings annually, travel teams eight meetings annually, and two of the last three meetings results in the team losing voting rights at the next meeting.


This association shall be governed by the Executive Committee in accordance with the constitution and by-laws except where this document shall conflict with the rules and regulations of the United States Soccer Federation.  The Executive Committee shall make all rules and determinations necessary for conducting the regular affairs of this association.


Section 1.     Legislative Powers.  The legislative powers in all matters presented to the membership shall be vested in the official representative or alternate representative for each team registered and the commissioners of the association.

Section 2.     Judicial Powers.  The judicial powers in all matters shall be vested in the Executive Committee except that the decisions of the Executive Committee may be overturned by the membership subject to two thirds rule.

Section 3.     Power of Team Representatives.  Each team shall have one vote which may be cast by the official team representative or his/her alternate.  Team representatives may make motions for consideration by the membership at association meetings.

Section 4.    Power of the President.  The president shall preside over association meetings.  He/she shall have no vote except to cast the deciding vote in case of a deadlock.

Section 5.        Rules of Order.  Robert's Rules of Order revised edition shall be the governing procedure at all meetings of this association.


No part of the net earnings of the organization will inure to the benefit of or be distributed to the members, trustees, officers, or other private persons.

The organization will not attempt to influence legislation or participate to any extent in a political campaign for or against any candidate for public office.

Upon the dissolution of the organization assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of  Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code or to a state or local government for a public purpose.

The proposal for dissolution must be made by following the procedures for amendments to the constitution.



Section 1.     Scope.  This association shall have full jurisdiction over all teams, coaches, players, and all matters concerned with soccer that the association shall conduct.

Section 2.     Power.  The association shall have power in the manner herein defined after hearings to suspend or expel for cause any person under its jurisdiction.


Section 1.     Protests and Violations.  All protests of games or of rule violations shall be heard by the Executive Committee in the presence of all concerned parties who shall be invited to appear.  The absence of concerned parties after proper notification shall not be cause for hearing cancellation.

Section 2.     Appeals.  On appeal Executive Committee decisions may be overturned by a two-thirds vote of the association meeting.  A written notice of appeal must be made to the president within 48 hours.  The president must then call a special association meeting at the earliest time convenient to the association.


Section 1.     Officers. The officers of the association who shall constitute the Executive Board shall be the President, Vice President, General secretary, Recording secretary, Treasurer, Registrar and Booster club president.

The Executive Committee will consist of the members of the Executive Board, the boys travel, girls travel and recreation commissioner, the divisional commissioners, and trustees.

Section 2.     Terms of Office.  The president, vice president, the two secretaries, the treasurer, registrar, and the Booster Club President shall be elected by a majority vote of the association at the annual meeting in January to serve for a term of two years.  The president, treasurer, Booster Club President, and the recording secretary will be elected in even numbered years and the vice president, general secretary, and registrar in the odd years.  The trustees and commissioners shall be appointed by the president subject to the approval of the Executive Board for a term of one year.

Section 3.     Duties and Powers

A.  The Executive Committee, presided over by the president, conducts or presides over conduction of all association business.  That includes approval of the Rules Committee and any other committee appointed by the president. The president shall serve as an ex officio member of all committees.

B.   The Rules Committee shall consist of the head of referees, all commissioners, and the vice president who shall be responsible for all written reports.  The duties of the Rule Committee shall include (i) the periodic review of the rules, (ii) recommendation of appropriate changes to the rules,  (iii) making decisions regarding application of the rules and protests involving disputes between member teams, (iv) recommend punishment for violations of the constitution or the Laws of Soccer, (v) making recommendations as to the replacement of officers in cases of resignation or of dereliction of duties or due to actions counter to association interests.

C.  The president presides at all association meetings, serves as chairman of the Executive Committee, appoints and serves as ex officio member of all other committees, ensures enforcement of the constitution and the by-laws and other rules and regulations as may be adopted by the association, supervises affairs of the association, signs all contracts and necessary documents with the general secretary as authorized by the association and/or the Executive Committee, and performs such other duties as may be necessary for the welfare of the association.

D.  The vice president acts as president in the absence of the president and carries out other duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

E.  The general secretary signs all contracts and documents with the president when authorized by the Executive Committee, conducts all association correspondence concerning association affairs, coordinates all business with the referees association, coordinates with the commissioners to arrange the scheduling of games. Schedules practice locations and times, orders & maintains uniforms and equipment and coordinates with the Township & School board for usage and maintenance of fields.

F.  The recording secretary records all minutes of association meetings and presents them for approval at the following meeting, ensures the delivery of the minutes to meetings from which he/she is absent, keeps records of attendance at all meetings and conducts any correspondence that may be necessary beyond the general secretary's obligations.

G.  The treasurer collects all fees and monies, deposits all money in a depository in the name of the association, keeps a record of association financial transactions, pays all bills approved by the association or its Executive Committee, signs all checks, and presents a financial report at each regular association meeting and a detailed accounting statement for the full year at the annual meeting.

H.  The registrar accepts player registrations, keeps a record of all players in the club and maintains a copy of all Travel team rosters. The registrar disperses to the recreation & travel commissioners such information as is needed to form teams and provides to the Treasurer all Monies collected at registration.

Along with the Executive Committee the registrar will schedule spring and fall registrations and arrange for distribution of forms to area schools, placement of signs and dissemination of information regarding registration.

I.   Commissioners (i) for travel, shall represent the association at all meetings for state affiliated clubs, and hold the voting rights on behalf of the association. They will be responsible for communication with the travel leagues on all aspects including registration, scheduling and information. They will communicate with the travel coaches and keep a copy of travel team rosters.

(ii) for recreation, shall coordinate with the registrar and general secretary to organize and oversee the Intramural program. Provide equipment and information to the division commissioners, produce the game schedule, keep a copy of all team rosters and carry out such duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.

(iii) for divisions, shall recruit coaches, form teams or hold a draft, communicate with and provide equipment and information to the coaches. They will keep a record of and supply team rosters for each team to recreational commissioner.

J.   The Booster Club President shall appoint, with the approval of the Executive Committee, as officers of the Booster Club, a treasurer, secretary, purchasing officer, and chairperson at large and shall organize and oversee the Booster Club in accordance with Section 4 of this article.

Section 4.    The Booster Club

A.  The purpose of the Booster Club will be to coordinate various activities and raise funds for the benefit of the children in the association.  The Booster Club will take charge of the concession stand and guide the team mothers/fathers while they work in the stand.

B.  The Booster Club treasurer will establish a checking account in the name of the WTYSA Booster Club with the Booster Club President and treasurer and the WTYSA treasurer as the signatories.  The Booster Club treasurer will keep a record of all transactions and payments and will report same to the membership at the monthly meetings.

C.  All Booster Club funds in excess of an amount necessary for concession stand start-up as approved by the WTYSA Executive Committee shall be turned over to the WTYSA treasurer for deposit in the association account at the annual meeting in January.

D.  The Booster Club will formulate its own operating policies as necessary to provide for the association newsletter, social events, concession stand operation, referee payment, and any other activity for the good and welfare of the association as approved by the Executive Committee of the WTYSA.

E.  The Booster Club will report to the Executive Committee of the WTYSA for approval of all plans and decisions not included in its operating policies.

F.  The chairperson and officers of the Booster Club shall have the same voting rights and requirements as coaches, but they shall not have a second vote if they already have a vote as a team representative.


Section 1.     Annual.  The annual meeting shall be held on the first Thursday in January.  The purpose of this meeting is to evaluate association activities for the past year, to evaluate and approve the association financial statement for the past year, and to elect officers in alternate years or when vacancies exist.

Section 2.     General.  Regular membership meetings shall be held on the first Thursday of each month except January to conduct association affairs.

Section 3.     Special membership meetings may be convened by the president to hear appeals or to conduct other pressing association business that cannot be conducted at the Executive Committee level.

Section 4.     Executive Committee meetings shall be held as determined by the president or the majority of the committee.

Section 5.     The president shall notify the Executive Committee and the commissioners shall notify all coaches or team representatives of all meetings at least two (2) days in advance of the meeting.


The fiscal year for this association shall be January 1 to December 31.


Registration fees to cover operating expenses shall be determined by the Executive Committee subject to approval by a general meeting.


Section 1.     Annual Meeting

A.  Roll call

B.  Minutes of previous annual meeting

C.  Report of Executive Committee

D.  Report of treasurer

E.  Report of general secretary

F.  Reports of committees

G.  Unfinished business

H.  Release of officers (in election year)

I.  Nomination of officers

J.  Elections

K.  Instatement of new officers

L.  New business

M.  Good of soccer

Section 2.     Regular and Special Meetings

A.  Roll call

B.  Minutes of previous meeting

C.  Report of Executive Committee

D.  Report of treasurer

E.  Report of general secretary

F.  Reports of committees

G.  Communications

H.  Old business

I.  New business

J.  Good and welfare

K.  Miscellaneous


Amendments proposed to the constitution, by-laws, and rules must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee.  The proposed amendment must be read at the following regular meeting.  Following the first reading, the amendment must be read again at the second regular meeting.  The proposal shall be put to a vote following the second reading.  A three-quarter approval of the members present is necessary for approval.


Section 1.     Age.  A birth certificate or similar proof of age must be presented at registration for all players new to WTYSA.

Age Levels as of August 1 of each year:

Pee Wee    5 and inexperienced 6 year olds
Micro       6 to 7 year olds
Mini-Novice 8 to 9 year olds
Novice      10 to 11 year olds
Juvenile    12 year olds and older based on registration

B.  Girls only teams and age brackets will be determined by the Executive Committee based on registrations.

Section 2.     Schedule and Play-offs.  The playing season shall be from the first weekend in September after Labor Day to the end of November or as the schedule requires.  All games shall be scheduled at agreed upon times.

Section 3.     Standings.  The standings of teams in their respective divisions shall be determined by points with three (3) points earned for a win and one (1) point earned for a tie. Tie breakers will be determined by (I) head to head, (ii) goals against, (iii) goals for.

Section 4.     All-Star Games, Play-offs, and Championships.  Arrangements for all-star games, play-offs, and championship games and for players participating in the all-star games shall be made by the Executive Committee subject to approval by the regular membership.

Section 5.     Trophies.  Awards shall be presented at the close of the season to players participating in the all star games and to players on teams winning a Division, or participating in play-off championship games. (e.g. a team that won division but lost in final would get division winners trophies, not runners up trophies, but if they won final they would get champions trophies) Quantity and style to be determined by Executive Committee.

Section 6.     Referees and Supervision of Conduct at Games.

A.  One (1) referee shall be assigned to each game.  Play off games will also be assigned assistant referees. Fees for the referees shall be determined by the Executive Committee and the referee association.

B.  The referee is responsible for ensuring that games are played according to the laws of the game.  The referee shall be paid the full fee even if the game is terminated before the end for (i) any cause over which neither team has control,  (ii) any cause emanating from either team, and (iii) any match forfeited by either team of which the referee was not previously notified.

C.  If a game should be canceled by the referee due to unplayable conditions before the start of the game, the referee shall be entitled to traveling expenses by the association as determined by the referee association and the Executive Committee.

D.  The appointed referee shall arrive at the field at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the game.  He/she shall be the judge of suitability of conditions for play and shall supervise the game according to the Laws of Soccer and rules of soccer and the rules of the association.

E.  The referees are required to conduct the games strictly in accordance with the Laws of Soccer and the rules of the association to assure gentlemanly conduct, sportsmanship, and fair play at all times.

F.   The referee shall hand in game reports and scores at the concession stand in order to be paid.

G.  In case the assigned referee fails to appear, the most qualified person present and willing to referee and with the agreement of the coaches involved shall supervise the game.  The coaches must agree on a referee or provide for one half of the game, and all games must be played as scheduled.
H.  Gentlemanly conduct and sportsmanship is required of all players, coaches, spectators, and officials at all times.  Under no circumstances will fighting be tolerated.  The referee is required to report all cases of misconduct both verbal and physical.  All persons so reported shall appear before the Rules Committee for disciplinary action.  The following list of misconducts and its associated penalties will be adhered to strictly:

  1. Fighting (engaged in combat with an opponent, colleague, or spectator by means of mutually exchanged blows delivered by hand, head, fist, or other portion of the body). Div I - II 3 games Div III - V 2 games

  2. Aggression - engaging in combat with an opponent, colleague, or spectator (as in fighting) in which the other party does not take part by returning blows. Div I - II 3 games Div III - V 2 games

  3. Assault- striking. Strike an opponent, colleague, spectator or official with any object (rock, stick, etc.) which could be expected to result in serious injury. Div I - II 4 years Div III-V 2 years

  4. Deliberately pushing, striking, kicking, or attempting to kick, strike, or push a referee or assist referee. Div I - II 2 years Div III-V 1 year

  5. Deliberately pushing, striking, kicking, or attempting to kick, strike, or push a referee or assist referee by a coach or club official. Div I - V 5 years

  6. The throwing of objects (soccer balls, snow or ice balls, mud, dirt, or rocks) at an opponent, colleague or spectator. Note: In the event that such object strikes the target, the player could be charged with assault. Div I - II 2 games Div III - V 1 game

  7. The throwing of objects at a referee or linemen. Div I - II 2 years Div III - V 1 year

  8. Spitting at or on a player or spectator. Div I - II 3 games Div III - V 2 games

  9. Spitting at or on a referee or linemen. Div I - II 2 years Div III - V 1 year

  10. Verbal threat of bodily harm or property damage delivered to an opponent, colleague or spectator. Div I - V 2 games

  11. Verbal threat delivered to a referee or assist referee. Div I - II 4 games Div III - V 2 games

  12. Gesturing or signaling obscenely or the use of profane language toward an opponent, colleague, or spectator. Div I - V 1 game

  13. Gesturing or signaling obscenely or the use of profane language toward a referee or assist referee by a player. Div I - II 3 games Div III - V 2 games

  14. Gesturing or signaling obscenely or the use of profane language toward a referee or assist referee by any member of the coaching staff or club official. Up to 10 games

  15. Pushing which results in an ejection. Div I - V 1 game

  16. Serious foul play which results in an ejection from the game. Div I - V 1 game

J.   In case the referee abandons the game because of excessive abuse or disorder by coaches, players, or spectators, the team responsible for the altercations shall forfeit the game.  Where the responsibility cannot be ascertained, the Rules Committee may deprive both teams of standing points.

Section 7.     Starting Times, Cancellations, and Forfeits.

A.  The starting time for all matches is set by the association schedule.  Any team that is not ready to play within 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time shall forfeit the match.

B.  If a match should be forfeited, the opponents shall be credited with a 1-0 victory.  The referee shall be paid.

C.  Under no circumstances shall a game be broken off by one of the participating teams.

D.  In the event neither team shows up for the match but the referee declares the grounds play able, both teams shall be credited with a 1-0 loss.  The referee shall be paid.

E. A team fielding an unrostered player will forfeit the game and be credited a 1-0 loss. The opponents will be credited a 1-0 win, or if the game was already completed and the opponent won, the Executive Committee may make the decision to allow the score to stand. (e.g. to replace a 3-0 win with a 1-0 win would penalize the wrong team)

Section 8.     Uniforms.

A.  All teams are required to appear on the field in identical uniforms (except for numbers) approved by the association.

B.  The quality of the uniforms shall be at the discretion of the association.

C.  The shirt worn by the goalie shall be starkly contrasting to the rest of the players so as to be readily distinguishable.

D.  The referee shall refuse participation to any player whose jersey is not identical to the others.

E.  The referees shall inspect equipment before the game and shall refuse participation to any player whose equipment violates the code published in the referees' manual.  However, during cold weather hats, gloves, and sweatpants may be worn provided they contain no metal or other potentially injurious material.

Section 9.     Ground Complaints.  Complaints relating to the condition of the field, goals, nets, flags, and/or any other accessories shall be made to the referee before the start of the match, or if conditions alter during the match, at the time of occurrence.

Section 10.    Registration, Player Distribution, Releases.

A.  All players are required to submit proof of age at registration.  No player shall be eligible to play unless properly registered.

B.  The fall season will be the primary season. Players returning the following fall will be assigned to the same team if in the same age division. Each and every time a player changes an age division, e.g. from mini-novice to novice, he/she will be put back into a draft.  The draft should be subdivided by age, sex, and prior experience, e.g. travel team players then blending them evenly into teams.  For example, if there are 20 travel team players and 10 teams, then each team should have two travel team players.


(1) coach's child or children

(2) one assistant coach's child or children

(3) siblings playing in the same age division should play together

A child will not be assigned to a team because of:

(1) requests

(2) a sibling played for that team previously but is not currently on that team.

C.  The maximum number of players on a team roster will be determined by the Executive Committee dependent on the number of participants in a division. It is the responsibility of the team representative to process all changes through the commissioner.

D.  The spring season will be non competitive. Players will be assigned to teams randomly but in an attempt to keep competition balanced. Fall teams cannot be kept together to compete in spring.

E.  Assignment to a team binds the player to that team for the season.  Parents may request a change of team at registration in which case the player will be placed in the draft, and the player must play for the new team to which he is assigned.  All requests for team changes are subject to Executive Committee review.

Section 11.    Team/Coach Responsibilities.

A.  Both teams are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators.

B.  Both teams must take all precautions and actions necessary to prevent players from threatening or assaulting game officials or opposing players and spectators before, during, or after the game.  They will  guarantee protection of the referee at all times.

C.  Coaches are limited from half way line to 18yd box on their half of the field.

D.  Only coaches, designated assistant coaches (limit 2), and players shall be permitted on the player side of the field.


At the PEE WEE age levels, parents of players shall be permitted on the player side of the field when mutually agreed upon by both team coaches and presented to the referee prior to the start of play.


Section 1.     Laws of the Game.  Rules of play shall be the Laws of Soccer as published by FIFA and special modifications made in these by-laws.

Section 2.     Preparation of the Field of Play.

A.  The Recreation Department is responsible for field markings and the goals including a line at least five yards and parallel to the touch lines to help keep spectators, players, and coaches from infringing on the playing area.

B.  Coaches or representatives of teams playing the first game on a field shall be responsible for putting up goal nets and corner flags; whereas coaches or representatives of teams playing the last game shall be responsible for removing same and placing in storage.

C.  The association is responsible for providing referees, paying referees.

D.  Use of a linesman shall be in accordance with the wishes of the referee.

Coaches must have an adult linesman available if requested by the referee.

Section 3.     Game Cards and Preparedness to Play.

A.  Both teams must be on the field for the referee's inspection and ready to play by the times scheduled for the game or at the conclusion of the preceding game.

B.  At the conclusion of the game the referee shall complete the game card, including the score, incidents of misconduct, and player ejections, and hand the card in at the concession stand to be paid.

Section 4.     Legal Lineup.

A.  A legal line up consists of a minimum number of players as described in the modified rules for each age division.

B.  Any team lacking at least seven (7) players by the time designated above shall forfeit the game.

C.  No team shall refuse to play if it has more than required minimum number of players present. Such refusal shall result in forfeiture.

D.  Every player on a team must play at least one half of each game in which they play.  Coaches must have available a roster indicating which players will play. A coach may request suspension of a player from participating in all or part of a game for just cause but only with the approval of the commissioner having jurisdiction.  For a full-game suspension such approval must be obtained and the player informed no later than three (3) days prior to the game for which the suspension is to be served.  This will afford the player time to appeal the decision.  Failure to abide by this rule may result in suspension of the coach.

E. In Coed competitive divisions an equal number of female players from each team should be on the field at all times. That number will be determined by the commissioner dependent on team rosters. If in any game the minimum number is not attainable the opponent may play with a likewise number, but being aware that every player on a team must play at least half the game.

Section 5.     Substitution.

A.  Teams shall be permitted unlimited substitution in any match within the confines of having every player play at least half of the game.

B.  Substitution shall be permitted only (i) after a goal by either team,  (ii) at any goal kick by either team,  (iii) during possession of a throw in,  (iv) at quarter and half times,  (v) substitution for an injured player is required but limited to the injured player when the game is stopped for injury,  (vi) substitution is not allowed for a player sent from the field for misconduct, and the team must play short for the remainder of the game,  (vii) any player sent from the field for equipment violation may be substituted,  (viii)  all substitutes must report directly to the referee when entering the game.

Section 6.     Game Protests.

A.  Any protest arising out of any match or other occurrence shall be submitted to the Division commissioner in writing so as to be in his/her possession within 48 hours of the occurrence.

B.  Duplicate copies of the protest must be mailed by the protesting team within the same time allowance to the Recreation commissioner and President and the opposing team representative.

C.  Only violations of this constitution, by-laws, rules and regulations, or misapplication of the Laws of  Soccer as published by FIFA shall be considered as appropriate subjects of protest.  All others will be disallowed.

D.  The referee's judgment with regard to the physical condition of the field, its preparation and acceptability for play, his/her judgment of game action, misconduct, and other such prerogatives granted him/her by the Laws of Soccer shall not be challenged in any way.


Section 1.     Association Directory.  A team directory shall be issued at the September meeting each year and shall include all teams and coaches.  The directory shall include a list of teams and addresses and phone numbers of coaches or representatives.

Section 2.     Scope of Constitution.  Both the letter and the spirit of this constitution are binding on all teams and all personnel related to teams regardless of their function.

Section 3.     Application of Constitution.  Ignorance of the terms, provisions, requirements, and intents of this constitution are not acceptable as an excuse for violation.


Section 1.     Insurance will be provided for all players registered in the association.

Section 2.     The insurance will be a deductible policy and will protect the players at games and practices.  It will also protect players traveling to and from games.


Section 1 – Travel Committee

There will be a travel committee consisting of the following members:

Boys Travel Commissioner
Girls Travel Commissioner
3 current travel coaches

The travel committee will meet no less than four times per calendar year, report to the Executive Committee, and carry out the following duties:

1. Organize the club wide tryouts
2. Review the annual reports of each travel team
3. Make recommendations to the Executive Committee to maintain a successful travel program.

Section 2 – Age Requirements

A.   All travel teams will roster players in accordance with the rules laid out by the appropriate league with regards to age limitations and roster size.

Section 3 - Tryouts – Boys and Girls

A.  Club wide tryouts will be held each year during the spring rec season to recruit players for the following fall season. Tryouts will be organized by the travel committee in conjunction with all existing travel coaches with the intention of attracting additional players to enhance or create competitive travel teams.

B.  Girls will be considered first for an age appropriate girls team, but if such a team does not exist they will be allowed to play on a boy’s team. An Exception to this rule will apply if a parent of a female player is coaching an age appropriate boy’s team.

C.  Individual teams are free to organize separate tryouts when recruiting players for the spring season or during the fall season.

Section 4 - Coaches

A.  Any person wishing to coach a travel team is required to make an application to the Executive Committee outlining their coaching philosophy, background in coaching, intentions for the team, and demonstrate that they have the minimum required coaching license. Once approved each coach is required to present to the travel committee an annual summary of the season and outline their plans for the next year. This summary should include, but not limited to, information regarding team strategy, player development, financial reports, or other information as defined by the travel committee.

B.  New coaches will be assigned a mentor from amongst the current travel coaches to assist with league registration, team preparation, and club responsibilities.

C.  All coaches are required to attend 50% of all general membership meetings (the coach may be represented by an assistant coach or parent from the team). Attendance is also required to retain voting rights on travel issues.

D.  Failure to attend or be represented can lead to removal as coach or the team by Executive Committee with a Hearing first.

E.   Pass packets belong to WTYSA, so a coach cannot take that packet from WTYSA to another organization. The Executive Committee has the right to pull or check any packet upon request.

F.   The Executive Committee will review league conduct reports and parent feedback each year to determine if action or assistance is required with respect to individual coaches.

G.  In the event that there are enough players for more than one team in any age group coaches of each team will be free to make offers during the spring tryouts to players not currently playing for another team within the club. If a coach intends to cut a player from the team they should notify the other relevant coaches of the availability of the player. Teams should be evenly balanced in terms of roster size with the intention of maintaining teams with players of similar ability to ensure that player development and game time is not hindered.

Section 5 - Players

A.  Players selected for a travel team during the spring tryouts will be guaranteed a place for the full seasonal year, but will be required to undertake a successful tryout each year to remain on the team.

B.   Players have the right to play for any team they choose if there is more than one team in the age group for their gender.

C.   All players are required to register through the club website and pay the appropriate fee covering club and league registration. Failure to pay the fee before the beginning of the season will result in that player losing their place on the team.